At McDonald Orthodontics

The oldest patient we’ve treated was in her mid-80s, and she was thrilled.


Common Reasons For Seeking Adult Braces Treatment Keizer

  • I needed to get dental work done, and my general dentist felt that if I didn’t do orthodontics now, my permanent teeth would be locked in for life.
  • I needed to get an implant, and because they’re permanent, I want to make sure the teeth around the implant are straight, so the permanent implant can be harmonious in my bite.
  • My jaw hurts when I bite down, and my family dentist recommended orthodontics as one way to fix the problem.

I’m too old to fix my teeth.

No one is too old for orthodontics. Teeth retain their ability to move throughout your life. At McDonald Orthodontics, the oldest patient we’ve treated was in her mid-80s, and she was thrilled.

I don’t want to wear braces.

Luckily, braces are not the only option for moving your teeth. There are clear aligner options, such as Invisalign, as well as other active retainer-like appliances for mild cases.

I would feel silly as an adult wearing braces.

The number of adults currently wearing braces would probably surprise you. Chances are, you saw someone today who was wearing braces, and you just didn’t notice. Clear braces have evolved to the point where they mimic the color of natural teeth so well that they are hardly noticeable unless you’re face-to-face with someone.

I don’t have time for appointments.

Braces appointments are anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks apart and are generally very short, once the braces are put on. Many adults prefer to be scheduled first thing in the morning for an adjustment appointment, and then are able to get in nearly a full day at work. Our two convenient locations make this even easier.

Common Questions

Do adult braces take longer?

Generally, no. Tooth movement in adults is a little slower to get started, but once the teeth are moving, it’s similar to adolescent orthodontics.

Do the clear braces stain easily?

No. Early versions of clear bracket braces were made of plastic, which stained horribly. The current clear braces we use are ceramic and do not stain at all.

How do I know my teeth won’t go back to where they started?

There’s a way to do orthodontic treatment that emphasizes a stable outcome that has zero likelihood of relapse. This is the kind of orthodontics practiced at McDonald Orthodontics. That approach, coupled with modern retainers, will ensure that your teeth stay straight for the rest of your life.

Do I have to wear retainers all the time after braces?

Fulltime wear is generally recommended. There are retainers that have a clear holding section (the part that goes over teeth and shows) instead of a wire to minimize visibility and we understand adults need to be flexible in how they wear their retainers.