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Are adult braces effective?

There are many reasons why childhood is an ideal time for beginning orthodontic treatments, but it is never too late to enjoy the life-changing benefits of braces or Invisalign. With the advent of discreet and easy-to-use Invisalign treatments, a growing number of our patients are well over the age of 18.

Crowded and overlapping teeth are difficult to clean, which can make gum disease and tooth decay more likely. When teeth do not properly align, the resulting malocclusion can cause jaw pain, chewing problems, or even difficulty swallowing. These are all reasons that Dr. John McDonald treats adults of all ages with traditional braces and Invisalign. 

Adult Braces

Adults of all ages can benefit from undergoing orthodontic treatments. There are a few unique factors that Dr. John will consider when treating adults. The jawbones of children and teenagers are still growing. Orthodontic treatments for children consider jaw expansion as part of the orthodontic treatment planning process. The bones of adults have stopped growing, so Dr. John will work with your existing jaw structure. Depending on your teeth alignment needs, adult braces may take a little longer to deliver cosmetic results compared to braces on a child or adolescent. 

Adults may require restorative treatments before having orthodontic treatment. If you have gum disease or tooth decay, those oral health issues must be resolved before you can begin wearing braces or Invisalign. Bruxism is another dental problem that may need to be addressed.

Beyond that, the orthodontic treatment process for adults is very similar to the treatment process for adolescents. First, Dr. John will provide a complimentary consultation. During that visit, he will discuss your cosmetic goals. This is a great time to ask questions and discuss concerns, like what you’ve heard from people you know who’ve worn braces. 

Typical questions include:

  • Should I get metal braces or Invisalign?
  • How long will my treatment take?
  • What will braces accomplish?
  • How much do braces cost? How much does Invisalign cost?

X-rays and digital images may be taken. Based on the position of your teeth and your cosmetic goals, Dr. John will draft a treatment plan that meets your needs and budget. Before you leave your initial consultation, we will schedule your next visit. Our ortho offices in Salem and Kaiser offer traditional metal braces and Invisalign. Treatment timelines can last from several months to a few years, depending on each case.

Benefits of Undergoing Orthodontic Treatments in Adulthood

Having a symmetrical and attractive smile has advantages at any age. While children may not fully appreciate the cosmetic benefits that braces deliver, adults certainly do. After completing your treatment, you can enjoy:

  • Teeth that are easier to clean
  • Lower risk of developing cavities
  • Boosted self-esteem
  • Smiling with confidence
  • Greater confidence at work and in social settings

Maybe you have postponed getting braces because life situations have not afforded the time and money. Or perhaps you don’t want to wear metal braces because of the stigma — they remind people of middle school! Whatever the reason, undergoing orthodontic treatments in adulthood can be an exciting time. Dr. John has many years of experience transforming the smiles of adults and kids.

Schedule Your Consultation for Adult Braces

Braces are a great cosmetic option at any age. If you never had the opportunity to enjoy the life-changing results of orthodontic treatment, we welcome you to schedule your free consultation with Dr. John by calling  (503) 585-5400.