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we are here for you if you are having trouble brushing and flossing while wearing braces.


Brushing & Flossing

A word of caution. Orthodontic treatment makes maintaining good oral hygiene more challenging but not anywhere near impossible. Good dental hygiene is crucial during your treatment as we want to avoid any tooth decay or gum disease complications that can lengthen your time wearing braces or weakened tissues around your teeth. Please remember that you have to maintain healthy teeth during your treatment with braces to enjoy the results of all your hard work fully. Read below to learn more about the tips we have for you.

It is important to choose the right toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss to make the whole process go smoothly.

How To Brush Your Teeth While Wearing Braces

  1. Start by placing your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gums.
  2. Using a circular motion, brush your teeth gently.
  3. Make sure that you brush all of the surfaces of each tooth, including the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces.

You should always use the tip of your brush when you brush the inner surface of your front teeth.

How To Floss Your Teeth While Wearing Braces

  1. Start with a section of floss that is about 18-inches long. Carefully thread it between the braces and wire. You may want to try a floss threader, which might be easier for you.
  2. Carefully floss around your braces.
  3. Next, carefully floss around your gums and then your teeth.

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