Financing and Insurance

McDonald Orthodontics is committed to finding a way to help you make orthodontic treatment affordable and fun.


McDonald Orthodontics is committed to finding a way to help you make orthodontic treatment affordable and fun. We offer several financing options.

We offer in-house, interest-free financing and we work with several third-party financial institutions to help make payments affordable, over many months. Financing is offered for a portion of the cost that is not covered by insurance.



We are providers for all major orthodontic insurances, not including insurance that restricts care to Willamette Dental Group. Orthodontic insurance is usually different from dental insurance and can be confusing. We take care of all the hassles for you. Our fulltime financial coordinator will bill the insurance and coordinate all payments, making sure you get the maximum benefits from your orthodontic insurance coverage. This service is unique to McDonald Orthodontics.


All financial arrangements will be fully explained and completed prior to starting orthodontic treatment. We accept checks, cash, and all major credit cards.

Questions Regarding Orthodontic Costs

How much do braces cost?

Unfortunately, we have learned over the years that trying to estimate the cost of someone’s braces before a compete exam is impossible. The reason for this is that there are multiple factors that can add or subtract cost of treatment. Things like:

  • impacted teeth,
  • congenitally missing teeth,
  • extra teeth,
  • teeth that are too diseased to save,
  • teeth that have fused to the bone,
  • TMJ issues,
  • clenching and grinding issues,
  • severely worn teeth,
  • and certain genetic conditions that affect tooth movement…the list goes on.

Every case is unique. Some cases can be treated with a simple spring-active retainer if conditions are just right. Other cases can require jaw surgery, tooth removal, or coordination with a restorative dentist to fix damaged or restore missing teeth.

Costs can vary from $1500 to up to $9500, depending on the complexity.

Personal Note from Dr. John on Orthodontic Costs

Orthodontics has changed dramatically in my 20-plus-year career. There are now lots of ways to get your teeth straightened. Many dentists dabble in orthodontics, and Invisalign has aggressively encouraged dentists to offer their products. You may be aware, that there’s actually now a do-it-yourself, mail-order option for Invisalign-like treatment. Costs for these services may vary widely, and the reason is, that they’re not the same thing. Advances in technology have made getting teeth straight much easier than in the past.