Is Invisalign Really Better Than Braces?


What are clear braces? Is Invisalign good for me? Orthodontics deals with non-surgical options to fix your dental alignment problems, but knowing that doesn’t make the choices any easier. You can choose from several orthodontic appliances to reach your treatment goals, and we’re here to help you understand all of them a little better.

Here at McDonald Orthodontics, we make sure that our patients have as much information as they require to make smart decisions about their treatments. We all want to see you achieve that beautiful and healthy smile, and we are here to join you as you embark on a journey that requires time and dedication.

Today, we want you to join us in a deep dive into the world of a really popular appliance. Clear aligners or clear braces, as some people call them, are an innovative solution to orthodontic problems.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a commercial brand for clear aligners. These trays are made of a non-BPA plastic material that will apply some force over your teeth to realign them.

Don’t worry; these aligners are not toxic, so you’ll be able to wear them without any problems. Likewise, we like to remind patients that we carefully monitor their progress and develop their treatment plan to apply only the necessary and acceptable force that their teeth require.

We wouldn’t be so good if we forced some appliances to work faster than what’s safe, leading to damage to your teeth and jaws.

Invisalign only pushes your teeth in one direction, and you’ll have to change your trays frequently to ensure your progress.

Invisalign & Clear Braces Vs. Metal Braces

So, why do we bring up the subject of clear aligners and clear braces? Because you asked. Really, Invisalign and other discreet options have become increasingly popular. In recent years, adults have been seeking orthodontic treatment in record numbers.

Adults seek options for traditional metal braces such as Invisalign because of their added benefits.

You can check out this short article about the pros and cons of Invisalign, but we’ll quickly go over some of them here.

The Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign is not exactly new, but it’s still a product of the 21st Century. Since its release, these clear aligners have taken the world of orthodontics by surprise.

Here are some of the many advantages of your Invisalign trays:

  • Discreet appliances. The main drawback of conventional braces for many patients is the look of stainless steel wires and brackets. Even if you can customize yours with colored rubber bands, many prefer a more discreet solution. Invisalign aligners are practically invisible. You’ll have to clean them regularly and avoid some staining beverages, but you can enjoy the use of a nearly invisible appliance with Invisalign.
  • Fewer dietary restrictions. You may know that undergoing orthodontic treatment requires some sacrifices—no more popcorn, licorice, eating corn off the cob during 4th of July grills, etc. However, when it comes to wearing Invisalign clear aligners, you’ll be free to eat whatever you want. You can simply take off your trays and eat away whatever food you like. You will still have to pay close attention to your dental hygiene routine, but you won’t be running the risk of dislodged orthodontic appliance parts.
  • Increased comfort. Your treatment will be considerably more bearable because you won’t undergo sudden tightening or adjustments to your orthodontic appliances. Instead, your clear aligners will only cause minor oral discomfort for a few hours when you swap trays for a new set.

Why Should I Use Invisalign?

There are genetic and environmental reasons why you might require dental alignment treatments. If any of your parents had an overbite or dental crowding, chances are you will experience those complications too.

Likewise, young patients come in because they suffered direct trauma to a tooth (we’re telling you, a soccer match can result in a lost tooth), and this situation can lead to orthodontic complications.

You might have developed a jaw malocclusion as you grew up. In these cases, clear aligners or clear braces can help relocate your dental structures and achieve a proper maxillary relationship.

Likewise, your teeth’ position may shift with age. As we grow older, our teeth move, and you may notice they are more spaced out or crowded. Follow this link to learn more about using Invisalign to fix your gap teeth.

This orthodontic appliance can help you with:

  • Jaw Malocclusions
    • Overbites
    • Underbites
    • Crossbites
  • Tooth Position
    • Dental Crowding
    • Gap Teeth or Diastema

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