Surgical Orthodontics

whenever you’re in need of surgical orthodontics or orthognathic surgery, you can trust that Dr. John McDonald will work hard to provide you with the care you require


Do Orthodontists in Keizer do Surgery?

No, not really. Keizer orthodontists are specialists. As dental health professionals, Dr. McDonald and his colleagues are all interested in promoting good oral health, but board-certified orthodontists won’t overstep boundaries and claim to be able to deliver all-in-one solutions that can put your dental health at risk.

The people who take care of such procedures are called oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Just like orthodontists, they start by undertaking general studies about dental health and then specialize in a specific area.

You can still trust that our team will deliver the best possible care because we do not seek to do things we aren’t prepared for.

When you come to us for your orthodontic treatment, we’ll perform an initial examination to determine what your case requires, and if you have a complex orthodontic problem that necessitates oral surgery, we will inform you and coordinate with the right team.

Please keep in mind that not all cases require surgery, but in case you do, both specialists will discuss all treatment options and the required order for your case.

What Do I Need Before Oral Surgery?

First of all, we wish to remind everyone that not all cases will require oral surgery. The best way to determine what your case needs is to go to an appointment with a trusted orthodontist who can carefully analyze your case.

To prepare you for the process, we’ll need to get some advanced imaging. In most cases, this means x-rays, though other people might require CT scans. Whenever possible, we’ll work with a 3D model of your mouth and dental structures to simulate your treatment plan and provide you with a more accurate overview of what you’ll accomplish with orthodontics and oral surgery.

Please, make sure to get ready for a long and honest conversation with your dental health specialist to determine what your goals are and build a treatment plan that focuses on achieving those goals. Likewise, you should keep in mind that you might require several interventions along with your orthodontic treatment, so make sure you ask your specialists to explain everything your case will necessitate.

Are There Complications With Jaw Surgery?

As with any other invasive procedure, there are a few risks you should consider. Please refer to your specialists and choose a team that can prove they have a successful track record of treating patients who needed surgical orthodontics in Keizer, OR.

Get Your Treatment Started in Keizer, OR

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