“Looking Good on Braces” A Colorful Perspective About Braces Rubber Band Elastics

You can customize your treatment with some braces color combinations.

Against a common belief that traditional braces look terrible and teenagers dislike wearing them, having braces at school is not a big deal. A couple of kids tell a story of their journey with braces.

“You look cute with braces.” or “a lot of kids have them at one point or another.” Is what their classmates told them. These two kids also coincide in saying “no one really cares” when referring to how other people perceive them wearing braces.

Moreover, you might not want to pass unnoticed, and you like to show your personality by adding your favorite colors to your metal braces. In this fun article, we will talk about an entertaining and enjoyable perspective on colored braces.

Braces Color Options

There is no specific tendency about how to combine the rubber bands in your brackets. However, we have a clear idea of how people choose the ligatures colors according to different factors. Stay with us, and check out some ideas along with us.

Age and Sex

Female teenagers might opt for pink and light blue pastel colors. They might depend on their taste and also choose bright and garish fluorescent colors like yellow, green, and orange.

Other color type is indigo, turquoise (Persian blue), and magenta, which many female teenagers love. In fact, magenta has the highest discrepancy between women and men. Women have a 23% tendency for purplish colors, whilst men have a 0% tendency for the same color.

Adult women mostly opt for sober light and medium tones of blue. There is a dimension of colors named livid colors formed from blue and gray combinations that denotes soberness.

Young males share a tendency for deep shades of blue, gray, and green colors. Depending on each person’s taste and mostly on their profession might present a tendency for choosing a particular color.

Males with a military background would choose a hunting green, whilst an executive or salesforce professional might opt for a deep blue or light gray color for his braces ligatures.

Occasion and Location

You might create your own designs and combine two or more colors based on your personal preferences but also depending on different occasions and locations.

For instance, if you think of wearing pink braces ligatures, if you support charitable causes like breast cancer awareness month in October, or you might support the gay cause, and you might want to combine all the gay pride colors in your rubber bands.

Holiday Ideas

When it comes to occasions, what better than to represent the colors of the most popular and cherished holidays we have in the U.S? Here we bring some charming ideas to play with elastic bands colors:

Independence Day

The fourth of July is the most critical day in our country. Show your patriotism and commemorate our glorious heroes with the red, white, and blue representing the symbolism of our flag. You can intertwine the three colors each in a bracket, repeating after every three teeth.


There are two primary Halloweenesque colors: orange, which resembles the pumpkin color characteristic of the season, and black. Think of a witch costume and black ligatures; just thinking about it makes the blood run cold.


When we think of Thanksgiving colors, orange is for pumpkin, yellow represents the corn color, red goes for the cranberries, and brown is for the turkey. You might also add other adorning colors.

Try playing with four colors, each for every quadrant of your mouth; this will make you look Holidayesque, and you will be at the center of your family Thanksgiving dinner.


It is the most wonderful time of the year. But, of course, we don’t say it, and a popular song tells us the story of the Christmas celebration with the family reunited in joy. The red and green are the colors of Santa Claus and Pine Trees, also covered in snowy white.

Consider putting green bracket rubber bands in one dental arch and wearing red bands in the opposite arch. You might also alternate red and green bands one on each alternate tooth.

Sports Teams

Sports teams represent your passion for a sport. It might be Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, or Hockey. Whatever sport you can choose their colors and get them as your braces rubber bands.


Black, red, and white are the Portland Trailblazers’ colors, and yes, they have a graphic interpretation to entice five-on-five basketball teams to get in sync at the center of a court to square off against each other.


Yeap, soccer is one of the growing sports in the U.S., and guess what? The Worldcup is now in millions and millions of viewers around the world. So, choose some green for your bands to support the Portland Timbers in the MLS.

Maybe you want to choose red, white, and blue to support the Male National Soccer Team against Saudi Arabia, England, and Iran in Qatar. Also, you might want to support the Female Timbers Team in the National Women’s Soccer League in black and red colors.

We’ve mentioned many sports you can support, but we can only include them. Mainly, you can play a lot with the colors and combine them with the sports teams you support.

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