Non-Surgical Orthodontic

Many of the most dramatic advances in orthodontics of the past decade involve the concept of skeletal anchorage.

The ability to hook directly into jaw structures to modify tooth position and jaw growth has allowed orthodontists to get results that were previously only attainable with jaw surgery.

Dr. John is a national leader in applying these treatments to patients. Here are some of the treatments Dr. John specializes in:


Bone-anchored maxillary protraction (BAMP) using Bollard Plates

Bollard Plates developed by Dr. Hugo DeClerk in Belgium

Using Bollard Plates, Dr. John is able to correct significant class III malocclusions (underbites) in ways not possible just five years ago. Dr. John has done more of these cases than any other orthodontist in the United States.

Patients who are candidates for this type of treatment need to be started by age 11, for optimal results. Please contact our office for a consultation if you are interested in learning more.


Maxillary Expansion using the MSE Appliance

Maxillary expansion is now possible without surgery in patients as old as 45. Using an expander anchored directly to the upper jaw, it is possible to widen the upper jaw to create space and a broader, more attractive smile. Dr. John is the only orthodontist currently providing this procedure in the Willamette Valley.


Mini Implants or TADs for Skeletal Anchorage

TADs are essentially small pins that attach directly to the jawbone to provide orthodontists the ability to move teeth in ways that were previously not possible. TADs and braces can eliminate the need for more uncomfortable types of devices, like headgear, or they can be used to do treatments that previously required jaw surgery. TADs are not appropriate or necessary for most cases. However, in cases where they are beneficial, amazing results can be obtained. Here at McDonald Orthodontics, our Salem Orthodontics strive to stay on the leading edge of clinical treatment, so we are proud to be able to offer treatment with TADs, when it is indicated.