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young woman smiling with invisalign

Pros and Cons of Invisalign

Pros and Cons of Invisalign

young woman smiling with invisalignPatients who are seeking better-aligned teeth have multiple orthodontic options to choose from. At McDonald Orthodontics, Dr. John McDonald can treat a wide range of cosmetic issues using traditional braces, surgical treatments, dentofacial orthopedics, and Invisalign treatments. Many of our Salem, OR patients are opting for the discreet and effective cosmetic results that Invisalign clear aligners deliver. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Invisalign, this overview will help.

What Are the Benefits of Using Invisalign?

Since its release in 2009, Invisalign has changed the orthodontics game. The clear aligner technology has gained in popularity due to several reasons, including:

  • Discrete use: The main drawback of traditional metal braces is the prominence the wires and other oral attachments have on your smile. These attachments can be distracting and a source of irritation for users. Invisalign treatments are practically invisible, especially when the trays are carefully cleaned and maintained.
  • Effective results: Invisalign wouldn’t be so popular if it didn’t deliver drastic cosmetic results. Several years after entering the market, Invisalign developed and patented a unique material called SmartTrack. This advanced material allows Invisalign trays to fit snuggly to teeth, thereby allowing complex movements that can address a wide range of cosmetic problems.
  • No nutritional restriction: Anyone who has worn traditional braces remembers the strict dietary rules that went along with the orthodontic treatments. Hard foods are dangerous because they can break bands and sensitive components of the braces. Sticky foods can dislodge braces. Sweet foods risk causing decay. You get the idea. While we advise healthy eating choices as part of maintaining good oral health, Invisalign does not come with dietary limitations. Wearers simply remove their clear aligners before eating.
  • Predictable results: Invisalign treatments are mapped out over a predictable timeline. When you receive the first of your round of trays, you will be told how many trays there are in total. This can help you count down the days to your photo-ready smile!
  • Comfort: Traditional metal braces are notorious for the periodic wire tightenings that are required. While Dr. McDonald and our dental team are careful to ensure that all of our orthodontic treatments do not cause undue discomfort, Invisalign has a strong track record of being a comfortable treatment option. Patients who have sensitive teeth may opt for Invisalign for this very reason. If patients do experience oral discomfort resulting from Invisalign, this will likely occur during the first few hours after placing new trays. Patients can minimize this discomfort by placing their trays before going to sleep at night.

Are There Cons for Undergoing Invisalign?

As with many things in life, there are small trade-offs when choosing one option over another. If patients do experience complications related to Invisalign treatments, it usually involves the 22-hour compliance rule. If you or your teenager are planning to undergo Invisalign treatments, you or your child must be willing to comply with this important rule. Failure to do so can result in delayed cosmetic results or the need to begin the process over again. Invisalign trays are removable, meaning that they can be lost. Having a mouthguard container handy is one way to ensure that you do not lose your trays when they are not in use.

Schedule Your Invisalign Treatment Today

Patients who are willing to wear their clear aligner trays for 22 hours a day can enjoy the many benefits of Invisalign treatments. To schedule your Invisalign treatment today, please contact our office online or call (503) 585-5400.