Benefits of Clear Aligner/Invisalign Treatment that You May Not Have Considered

Invisalign has many beneficial and unexpected, positive side effects. You may have read our recent blog that describes how some Invisalign patients have lost weight during treatment. While there’s no guarantee of shedding pounds, it’s not a bad side-effect for most patients. Clear aligners can also help cut back on nail biting. One of our patients (pictured in this blog) enjoys long beautiful fingernails for the first time in recent memory. She is satisfied with the progress of her orthodontic treatment, and the beautiful nails are just the cherry on top!

Causes and Symptoms of Nail-Biting

Orthodontics Treatment patient
One of our patients is enjoying long, beautiful nails for the first time.

Nail-biting is common among children and adolescents. If you are an adult nail-biter, you likely bit your nails as a kid and simply never outgrew the habit. There is no clear genetic basis for nail-biting, although the habit tends to run in families. The habit can result from mental stress, anxiousness, nervousness, boredom, or a feeling of insecurity. Most nail-biters perform the habit unconsciously. 

Nail-biting isn’t considered a serious health problem, but it can appear unprofessional if done in public. Plus, no one would compliment you on your worn and ragged fingernails. There is one health-related reason to quit biting your nails. Our fingers are a hotbed of germs and viruses. Cutting back on biting your nails could lower your risk of contracting colds and other ailments. 

Nail-biting can also damage your teeth. If you are considering orthodontic treatment, we have great news. Our Salem patients report that San Ramon Invisalign treatments have helped them kick the nail-biting habit. If you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed long, perfect fingernails, Invisalign treatments may offer you a long-awaited solution. Patients who undergo clear aligner treatments are required to wear custom trays that tightly grip their teeth. In effect, the trays hinder the wearer’s ability to bite their nails. Over time, individuals adapt to the changes and eventually lose the inclination to bite their nails. 

Other Benefits

As we noted in our blog “Can Invisalign Make You Lose Weight?” patients across the country (and in our dental practice are noticing a surprising side effect of Invisalign treatments’ weight loss! Part of the key to the loss of weight is a reduction in snacking. Many of us are guilty of grabbing chips or nuts from the break room or nibbling on snacks while we count down the minutes to lunchtime. Those extra calories add up. 

Beautiful nails and weight loss are pleasant unintended consequences of undergoing Invisalign treatments in Salem. Invisalign has plenty of intended benefits that include:

  • The ability to undergo orthodontics discreetly.
  • A treatment process that does not require wire tightenings.
  • No dietary restrictions.
  • A comfortable treatment.
  • Predictable cosmetic results.

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