The Best Things to Do in Keizer – 2022

In 1840 a group of families settled in Keizer for the first time. One of the families was the Keizur. They arrived in the United States in the 18th century. The Keizur’s were part of the group of families who came to Oregon, at the north of Salem, and settled in the Willamette Valley. They traveled in the Applegate wagon train in the fall of 1843. Sometime after, they used fifteen diverse forms of their family name. Eventually, the city took the name from Thomas Dove Keizur, a patriarch of the Keizur family and one of its derivatives, Keizer.

History tells that a devastating flood occurred in 1861. Farmers of the Keizer Bottom were affected, losing houses, furnishings, and cattle. After the event, Keizer farmers moved to higher ground. Some other floods occurred in 1945, 1946, and 1948. In the fifties, the construction of dams on the Willamette River and its tributaries favored development during the second half of the twentieth century. When the story started to occur, city phone lines replaced the national phone grid, and the first volunteer fire department was in action. For the first time, a dentist, an optometrist, a drug store, and a doctor opened their facilities in Keizer Bottom.

During the seventies, the population increased from 5.000 to 11.405 inhabitants. Despite the boom, some customs remained alive. Houses were fancy styled with orchards, berries, and full-grown fruits and nuts. Unfortunately, by the eighties, most of the landmarks were gone. New dilemmas from development, such as the need for improved services, influenced the incorporation of Clear Lake in 1982, forming the new city of Keizer.

Nowadays, Thomas Dove Keizur’s legacy of volunteerism is still alive in the Keizer community that bears his name. His sole name is the official motto of the city. Thomas´ pioneering spirit remains active at the Keizer Heritage Center. The museum displays the town’s rural history. Also, regarding its touristic heritage, today you can get a bite at local restaurants and enjoy the taste of different wineries. You can also join us at the annual celebration with trains and other centurial machines at the Great Oregon Steam-Up.

Things To Do in Keizer

Who wouldn’t love to see a baseball match with their family? To make things even better, you can have lunch or dinner at one of the most renowned Keizer´s restaurants. Yep, here we bring a list of some of the most entertaining attractions and delicious restaurants you will be able to find at Keizer.

Volcanoes Stadium

The Stadium is an “All American entertainment,” Yey. This is Nancy’s experience at the Volcanoes Stadium. But there is something added. Tickets are reasonably priced, and the stadium has updated the food options. They also have a firework show on certain nights of the week.

Believe it or not, during 2020, you would have been able to AirBnB the Volcanoes Stadium at $1,000 per night. Also, you would have had access to the home team’s clubhouse, training rooms, cafeteria, and the manager’s office, and use the whole 5.000 square foot batting practice facility.

If you felt like having a party, there was access to the stadium sound system so that you could play your music out loud. The Volcanoes Stadium location is 6.700 Field of Dreams Way NE, Keizer, OR 97303-299.

Town & Country Bowling Lanes

At Town & Country, you will be able to find twenty-four wooden bowling lanes that will bring a lot of fun for you and your family. If you are experienced and want to prove your bowling skills, you can. Indeed, you can match with computer-scored games. In addition, there is a restaurant available and, the most fun of all, a Glow Ball and Rock n Bowl events on the weekends with Vegas-style lighting effects with the beats of satellite music.

Hops n Drops

They say they are a neighborhood gathering place, and indeed they are. The menu is just spectacular with dishes like the meaty pork rib tips, smoked with pecan wood and served with a special, from the house, BBQ sauce. They have great wine and beer as well. It makes you feel like going right at this moment.

It is good to have so much fun with the family while in our home city. It is also great to smile and feel confident. Many years ago, the first dentist opened its doors to the community. Today we can enjoy having a beautiful smile thanks to the advantages of technology and innovation in orthodontics in Keizer.

The Best Orthodontist in Keizer

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