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we are proud to offer many types of appliances for our patients so that they can have the smile they deserve.


Which Appliances Are Useful?

Considering that every patient’s smile is unique, we aim to prepare individualized treatment plans for each of our young patients. To complete treatment, we may use just one appliance or a variety of them.

One of our most trusted tools, traditional metal braces, can help realign upper and lower teeth. They use a wire to apply force over your teeth, and a series of elastic bands hold the wire against the brackets.

Your child may require headgear to fix an overbite. Overbites are a type of jaw malalignment where the upper jaw sticks out further than the lower jaw. Professionals also use headgears to treat underbites, and even if headgears are not the most popular appliance, they are very useful.

Some appliances are useful to break harmful habits. We use them to deter thumb sucking and avoid tongue thrusting. By ensuring that a patient has correct tongue posture, we help prevent teeth malalignment.

Some appliances help correct developmental issues like palatal expanders. They help treat upper jaw growth complications by applying force over your child’s upper molars to widen the gap between the two maxillar halves.

Space separators help keep your child’s teeth apart until their permanent teeth erupt. They are also useful to move a child’s teeth to place orthodontic bands.

After your child finishes the main part of your treatment, you might still require final adjustments. We use retainers, fixed or removable, to help prevent relapse and ensure your teeth stay in their new position. After the straightening process, your child will need their retainers for some time. Please follow your orthodontist’s instructions to ensure the treatment’s efficiency.

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