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9 Ways Your Teeth Can Be Straight, but Leave You Unhappy

All Orthodontic Results Are Not the Same. They All Get Your Teeth Straight but That’s Only the Beginning!

Believe it or not, lots of people who have worn braces or Invisalign find that even though their teeth are straighter, the result is not nearly what they expected. Dr. John McDonald sees many patients after they had braces from another office. They come to him for a second opinion on their treatment or want to know how to correct problems that still exist after treatment.

The kinds of things he hears are:

  1. My teeth are straighter, but my smile isn’t what I thought it would be.
  2. My teeth are straight, but they look kind of horsey.
  3. My teeth are straight, but I still have an overbite.
  4. My teeth are straight, but I can’t close my mouth all the way.
  5. I had treatment (Invisalign), and now I don’t know where to bite. I can’t find a place to bite that feels comfortable.
  6. I had Invisalign and now my back teeth don’t touch.
  7. I had braces, and I feel my teeth move as soon as I take my retainer out.
  8. Do I really have to wear my retainer the rest of my life?
  9. I had braces and I feel like my doctor took them off too soon.

What most people don’t realize is that getting teeth straight has always been the easiest part of orthodontics. Lots of people have straight teeth and terrible smiles. Lots of people have straight teeth and bad bites. Also, most people don’t’ realize that moving teeth to the wrong place can lead to tooth loss, as well as major gum recession and disease problems. Moving teeth is actually quite easy. (Just ask anyone who sucked their thumb.)

Moving teeth to the right place for a great smile and healthy teeth takes an orthodontist who’s undergone 2-3years of specialized training after dental school.

If you have friends who have had treatment, find out if they’re 100% happy with the results. Oftentimes, people are reluctant to admit that they might have chosen the wrong orthodontist or provider for their care.

Why You Should Choose an Orthodontist for Invisalign Treatment

Don’t let the above concerns scare you. With a great orthodontist, you can have a sensational smile, straight teeth, and comfortable oral function. You can love the results of the Invisalign treatment! Choosing the right Salem orthodontist is the first step– but how do you choose?

You may trust and adore your general dentist, but there are significant advantages to having an orthodontist for Invisalign treatment. Orthodontists have extensive training in the treatments that straighten teeth. They understand potential complications, complexities, and how to deliver the best outcome for good long-term oral health.

Dr. John L. McDonald has decades of experience straightening teeth and has been a certified Invisalign provider for years — since the company started in the early 2000s.

What questions should I ask an Invisalign dentist?

It’s always wise to seek a second opinion before you choose your provider. When you visit your general dentist or an orthodontist, ask these questions to determine if he or she is experienced enough to provide you with the straight teeth you want, as well as a balanced bite for best oral health and comfortable function.

  1. What type of training did you receive to become an Invisalign Provider?
  2. How long have you provided Invisalign treatments?
  3. How many Invisalign treatments have you successfully completed?
  4. Do you have reviews from past Invisalign patients?
  5. Do you also provide traditional braces?
  6. Are you certain that Invisalign is the proper treatment for me?
  7. Have you experienced any problems with Invisalign treatments?
  8. How did you repair those problems?
  9. May I see before and after images?
  10. Will you file my insurance claim?

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