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Can Invisalign make you lose weight?

Can Invisalign make you lose weight?

man standing on scaleWhile the “Invisalign diet” hasn’t hit mainstream lifestyle blogs and health magazines yet, a growing number of patients are reporting that undergoing Invisalign treatments has lead to weight loss. Patients are reporting several pounds to as much as 10 or 15 pounds of weight loss as a result of the orthodontic treatment. Few people would see this as a negative side effect, of course.

The main benefit of orthodontic treatments remains the drastic cosmetic results. If you are dissatisfied with the alignment of your teeth, Dr. John McDonald offers safe and effective Invisalign treatments for patients who live in and around Salem, OR. While we do not promise weight loss results, our patients trust our office to deliver life-changing cosmetic results.

How Can Invisalign Lead to Weight Loss?

George Embiricos, food writer for Food Republic, described his weight loss experience.

“For those of you that are driven almost entirely by numbers, I’ve lost close to 15 pounds in the past two months — and I have yet to notice any cravings or increases in appetite. Simply put, the Invisalign diet is the most effective ‘diet’ I’ve ever been on, and I’ve spent my fair share of time following stringent nutritional guidelines.”

He went on to hypothesize about what could have led to his weight loss. One factor, he noted, is the 22-hour compliance rule. Invisalign requires patients to wear their clear aligners for 22 hours per day. This rule allows two hours for oral hygiene, eating, taking photos, or other activities that require removal of the clear aligners. While wearing the trays, eating is simply not possible, meaning that meals have to be planned more carefully.

Anyone who has undergone Invisalign treatments understands that removing the trays is easy, but it is typically done in privacy. If there is a tempting cookie in the office break room, for example, pulling the tightly bound clear aligners off to enjoy that sweet treat may not be worth all the effort. Even if you do partake, you’d be well advised to not slip the clear aligners over the doughy mess. Dr. McDonald recommends that patients brush their teeth after meals to prevent food particles from accumulating inside the trays. Excess food that becomes caught under the trays can lead to tooth decay and discoloration of the aligner trays.

If nothing else, wearing Invisalign causes patients to pause and think before eating. From a nutritional point of view, this is a good thing.

Additional Benefits of Invisalign

A growing number of patients are sharing their weight-loss stories through blogs and online articles. Beyond potential weight loss, patients who undergo Invisalign treatments can benefit from:

Breaking Bad Habits

Do you chew on ice or sip on coffee all day? You’ll think twice about these habits once you are undergoing clear aligner treatments. The same steps that you take to protect your clear aligners will allow you to develop good habits for long-term oral health.

Reduced Jaw Pain

Poor teeth alignment (malocclusion) can lead to jaw pain. For some patients, malocclusion can even lead to TMJ disorder. After completing your orthodontic treatment, you can enjoy better-aligned teeth and a lower chance of developing jaw discomfort.

Boosted Self-Confidence

Our smiles are a strong determiner of how we view ourselves. Smiles convey confidence, and we are more likely to smile when we know that our teeth are straight and attractive.

Improved Oral Health

Patients have to be extra mindful of oral hygiene habits while undergoing Invisalign treatments. After the treatments are complete, patients will have a renewed reason for maintaining their brighter smile.

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